Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lanscape Trees Increases the Value and Appearance Of Your Home

Have you moved into a new home with a large yard that is a blank canvas and want to plant some trees but unsure of what kind to plant. There are many kinds of trees to choose from such as American Beech Fagus Grandifolia which comes in several different sizes so that you custom your landscaping to your needs.

Rather you are looking for a tree that grows tall such as the American Beech or you are looking for an Elm they all serves their purpose. These types of trees stay green and provide full foliage. The American Beech will reach a slow height with a spread of 50 feet. This is a great tree to plant as a young seedling when you first move into a home so that as you live and build your life you can also watch the life of the tree grow.

The Black Oak is another great tree that grows to a 3ft diameter and a height of 30ft. Many people like this tree because it is used as a shade tree because it grows with foliage up to 50-70ft which makes them perfect. The Black Oak loves direct sunlight so for an open field or open yard this is a perfect tree.

If you drive around a neighborhood you will see big green shade trees that look large because they are so old, if you are from the South chances are they are Black Oaks or Elm trees. This is a great tree that can be used during a landscaping project because it is a rapid grower.

Another tree that is a Native tree which can be found at many tree nurseries is the Bradford Pear this is a gorgeous tree that has white or pink blooms in the summer and can really brighten up a yard. Many people use this to add color to their yard. They have a lifespan of 25-30 years and make any yard stand out. TN Nursery is a state certified tree nursery specializing in native plants and trees, shrubs, fern, and perennials as well as pond plants and wetland mitigation species.

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